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About Us

Our Firm

Working closely with clients we seek to deliver an investment experience that targets the current requirements and future aspirations dictated by a set of circumstance that are entirely unique to each client under our care.

Investment Approach

Custom financial management solutions to help investors overcome the challenges they faced under the present economic climate.
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Financial management services

Guangdong International Capital is an independent investment and wealth management firm dedicated to providing a holistic, best-in-class service for our clients and their families. We consider our independence to be our advantage. Our independence helps us to deliver a customized and personal investment management service, focused directly upon the needs, aspirations and circumstances of each client under our care.

Global focus

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Guangdong International Capital adopts a global approach as we seek to provide clients with investment opportunities that are undervalued to their market potential. The firm is committed to retaining its clientele based on the provision of sustained asset growth, reinforced with unparalleled administrative services entirely tailored around the unique preferences of each client.

Global reach

Due to the continued success of the firm, Guangdong International Capital have expanded its geographical operations to take advantage of emerging opportunities in Hong Kong, mainland China (Peoples Repulic), Japan and South Korea. The expansion has been driven purely by the latent expectations of the firms' clientele, who have become accustomed to the benefits accumulated within their investment portfolios.

Strategically positioned

Guangdong International Capital constantly strives to exceed client expectations by providing access to opportunities that are typically reserved for institutional level investors. Such opportunities are restricted by an absence of understanding in a particular sector, or through naivety towards the potential of a specific geographical region. Guangdong International Capital utilized its strategic, geographical locations to unlock the economic potential for the benefit of its client base.

Our Investment Philosophy

Planning for tomorrow, today.

Financial planning solutions

We appreciate that personal circumstances are likely change as life evolves. For this reason alone, each strategy formulated by Guangdong International Capital encompases the characteristics that we believe are paramount to the successful management of an active portfolio.

Portfolio Management

Working with clients to deliver an optimized portfolio under consideration of a unique tolerance towards risk.
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Estate Management

Helping investors to simplify the complexities that come with the possession of substantial wealth.
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Retirement Planning

Maintain a lifestyle of comfort during your retirement years by planning for your expected needs.
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Working with a professional wealth manager to realize financial security is more important than ever.
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