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At Guangdong International Capital , we believe that in order to deliver a first-in-class service we must fully understand what is required as the objective of that service. As such, our investment managers develop relationships by getting to know the client as a person, and by understanding his or her reasons for investment.

Personal investment profile

To obtain the required level of understanding the following personal and financial conditions must be clear;

Determine the current financial position - current holdings, salary, pension plans

Determine future financial position - work promotion, sale of business, inheritance

Identify current to long-term financial obligations - mortgage, loans, education fees

Understand future aspirations - years to retirement, retirement lifestyle

Establish an investment criteria - avoid tobacco, alcohol, defense investments

Identify the tolerance level towards risk - high, medium, low tolerance

The personal management team will use your information to determine the type and frequency of investment needed in order to comfortably achieve the required lifestyle at specified intervals in the future.

Planning for tomorrow, today.

Financial planning solutions

Prepare for the unexpected and anticipate life events

We appreciate that personal circumstances are likely change as life evolves. For this reason alone, each strategy formulated by Guangdong International Capital encompases the characteristics that we believe are paramount to the successful management of an active portfolio.

Portfolio Management

Working with clients to deliver an optimized portfolio under consideration of a unique tolerance towards risk.
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Retirement Planning

Maintain a lifestyle of comfort during your retirement years by planning for your expected needs.
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Estate Management

Helping investors to simplify the complexities that come with the possession of substantial wealth.
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Working with a professional wealth manager to realize financial security is more important than ever.
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