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Managing Volatility

As an independent investment and wealth management firm, Guangdong International Capital continues to proactively manage portfolios through an ever increasing era of market volatility. Investors actively exposed to the market during the past decade have experienced the positive and negative effects of investment volatility. Violent fluctuations and skeptical sentiment have forced investors to take a different and varied approach to the management of their financial matters, often by assuming levels of risk that exceed acceptable boundaries of comfort.

Strategies adjusted for risk

Guangdong International Capital presents a range of risk adjusted investment strategies that seek to perform in line with client expectations irrespective of market conditions. Traditional 'buy and hold' strategies no longer hold true as investors are forced to take a more proactive approach when allocating assets to deliver satisfactory results.

Quantitative and qualitative analysis

At Guangdong International Capital we adhere to a risk adjusted investment approach through quantitative and qualitative practices that mitigate risk by means of active participation in positive markets, whilst maintaining flexibility to enable speed of change as and when market movements dictate. Simply put, Guangdong International Capital capitalizes on opportunities in advancing markets and steers clear from threats raised by sideways or depreciating markets.

How We Work

Guangdong International Capital understands that the circumstances of each client are uniquely crafted around a number of permutations, unrepeatable from one client to the next.

No two cases are the same; therefore in the same manner, no two portfolios under our management are duplicated to deliver upon a unique set of preferred outcomes.

Client expectations

Create a vision of the future to set a series expectations enhanced through a positive investment experience.


Asset allocation

Allocating assets in line with a specific tolerance towards investments risk in pursuit of favorable outcomes.


Risk management

Risk management seek to preserve the value of wealth before capitalizing on the potential for wealth accumulation.