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Investment Philosophy

Value-driven investment philosophy

Responsible to your needs

Guangdong International Capital aims to deliver a best-in-class investment and wealth management service as part of its philosophy and commitment to transparency and liquidity. As value investors, we are tirelessly committed to identifying assets that demonstrate the attributes contained within a margin of safety. We believe that this approach provides investors with the safest way of realizing substantial returns whilst maintaining a responsible attitude towards risk.

Flexible investment approach

At Guangdong International Capital we work closely with clients to deliver a running commentary on research findings and the potential impact investment exposure will have on portfolio performance.

Under the current economic conditions, Guangdong International Capital sets great store on the importance of investing assets into liquid positions, providing clients with comfort in the knowledge that their assets are not locked into lengthy periods of maturity. Committing to assets that contain liquid attributes provides a margin of flexibility that has become essential to the facilitation of a successfully managed, day-to-day investment portfolio.

However, Guangdong International Capital is not so singularly focused in its approach to investment. Instead, the firm follows an open-ended view on a broad and diverse range of value driven opportunities, irrespective of whether the opportunity presents itself in the short-term or displays a greater advantage by holding through the long-term.

Responsible investment

Establishing a philosophy based on value, which can be created in a variety and combination of ways, is central to Guangdong International Capital 's underlying belief that clients, and their faith in the firm forms the bedrock of all that happens at Guangdong International Capital . We view our clients as a shareholding entity of our firm, of which we remain absolutely responsible to in every aspect of the decision making process.